Olympia High School Baseball Player of the Year

Olympia High School Baseball Player of the Year

The Olympia baseball team has a strong balance of talent throughout the roster this season, rather than depending on one or two standout players to carry the team. This is evident in its ability to advance to the state championships, where they will face the winner of tomorrow’s 4A state final game between Skyview and Moses Lake.

Aiden Herrick

Olympia High School baseball player Aiden Herrick was an all-star at the school during his junior and senior years. The infielder earned honorable mention in the South Puget Sound League his freshman year and first-team honors his sophomore year. He also pitched for Olympia in the Class 4A state championship game. The Olympia native has a 3.9 GPA and scored 1440 on the SAT. He hopes to play baseball in college and is currently working on his studies.

Taber Fast

Taber Fast, a sophomore in right field, has already made his presence felt on the Olympia baseball team. He has a good frame and shows a level of athleticism. He also has good balance and has a level barrel delivery. Taber is likely to continue his development in these areas.

Taber Fast’s replacement

Several people objected to Taber’s pacing, but the IAAF ratified the record, and Taber was eventually replaced by Paavo Nurmi. Nurmi would go on to break Taber’s record in 1923.

Taber Fast’s injury

It was the perfect storm for an Olympic baseball team that ended in a lopsided loss for the host team, but Taber Fast was not spared. The Olympia senior caught a ball in right field and saw Puyallup’s Jeremiah Crain round third base. The catcher caught the ball in the air and was forced to return it to the base. Fast was later diagnosed with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, but continued to play.

Taber Fast’s performance

The performance of Taber Fast in the marathon was a stunning triumph for the American distance runner. He ran it in under two hours, 20 minutes and nine seconds, a world record. Many criticized Taber’s pacing, but the IAAF ratified the record. Later, another athlete – Paavo Nurmi – would eclipse Taber’s record.

Orr’s performance

John Orr, a Canadian citizen, served in the United States Army during World War II. He was in a cannon company and spent 18 months in the field. His military service included combat, but Orr also found time to train and compete on the track. General George Patton awarded him a track medal during his time in the Army. After the war, Orr worked for Hormel Meat Company in the Midwest for 40 years. He retired in 2008 and now lives with his wife Gladys. They were married in the mid-1990s.

Meconi’s walk-off double

Meconi’s walk-off double is one of the most memorable moments in Olympic baseball. The second baseman’s hit was the first walk-off double in an Olympic game. In 1992, the United States defeated Japan, 7-6, to win the gold medal in the sport. After losing two of their previous three games, the U.S. squad rallied from a 6-3 deficit to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth inning. That force prompted the game to be extended to extra innings, starting with runners on first and second base.

Orr’s 3.9 GPA

Orr is a right-handed pitcher. He will be a junior this fall. He has been a standout pitcher at Olympia High School. In the past, Orr and Haider played together. They last played together in 2014.

Herrick’s SAT score

Olympic baseball is a high-level sport, and Randy Herrick was no exception. The right-handed pitcher was spotted by his childhood friend, John Guarnaccia, as he was throwing a ball with his left hand. Guarnaccia spotted the problem and helped Randy change his throwing technique.



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