Handball is One of the Oldest Olympic Sports

Handball is One of the Oldest Olympic Sports

When you think of sports, handball might not come to mind, but it’s a great one. This team sport is played on a hard court and is popular in Europe. It is a game of surprising brutality and athleticism. It’s also one of the oldest Olympic sports, and it’s been around for centuries.

Handball is a team sport

Handball is played with a pair of hands and is a team sport. Each team consists of seven players and plays a 60-minute game, divided into two 30-minute halves. Each half is marked by a one-minute halftime break. The game is played with a ball that is smaller than volleyball but built like a soccer ball.

It’s played on a hard surface court

Handball is a court sport that is played with a bat and ball, on a hard surface. The game is played with one or two players. Players wear shorts and shoes. They also wear eye protection. The game is played in the Olympic Games on a hard court.

It’s a game of athleticism and surprising brutality

The game of handball is similar to rugby and ice hockey, with the added element of physical contact between players and the occasional wrestling match. It is played on a court approximately 40 by 20 metres with a goal in the centre of each end. There are three lines on the court: the centre line, the crease, and the free-throw line. Each line outlines an area in which play takes place, and each referee must base his or her decision on the facts that they observe.

It’s popular in Europe

Handball matches are played with a handball, which is about 58 centimetres in diameter and weighs about four hundred and fifty grams. The sport is played by seven men and is usually played indoors. The court is usually 40 metres long and twenty metres wide. The goal cage is two metres high, and the goal area line is six metres from the center of the goal. In handball, each goal counts as one point. Many players score hat tricks in a single game.

It’s a team sport

Handball is a team sport played on a court that measures 40 metres by 20 metres. Each team tries to score a goal into the opposing team’s net. To be considered a goal, the ball must cross the goal line and fully cross the court to be scored. Each goal is worth one point and the team with the most goals wins. Games are played over an hour and are split into halves of thirty minutes.

It’s dangerous

Handball is a very physical sport. A game consists of two halves of thirty minutes each with an intermission. The players do not wear protective equipment. Players move the ball with their hands, arms, and legs. They can also strike the ball with any part of their body above the knee. However, the only person who can kick the ball is the goalkeeper.



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